Saturday, August 1, 2009


Has the Republican party completely run out of reasons to complain about the president? I'm starting to think so. If you check out the latest news threads on Obama you'll find a few pieces ridiculing him for having a couple brews with some people at the white house. I'm starting to wonder if republicans are required to fail American History. It's common knowledge that quite a few of the greater accomplishments of humanity were brought on by beer. Refrigeration for instance, was invented by a German for the sake of being able to brew lager year-round. During the American colonial period beer was held in high regard. George Washington declared that all soldiers in the revolutionary war were to have quarts of porter included in their rations. Today it's still the single most popular alcoholic beverage on earth, with women starting to take positions as brew master in breweries around the country (a previously male dominated field). It's impossible to keep track of exactly how many brewers there are in this country due to places like Vermont that have an astonishing number of small brewers spread across the state. Just because I grew up there, I'll take the time to mention that Vermont has the highest number of craft breweries per 1,000 people of any state in the country. Most of them are damn good too. Regardless, beer has a deep history in the United States, and if the President wants to have drinks on the lawn with some people, I'm willing to concede that it's probably the most authentically "American" thing any president of recent times has done. Beyond that, what's wrong with having a beer in the first place, president or not? I bet the person that complained went home, drank a 12-pack, and probably beat the tar out of his wife while she was in labor with their 42nd kid (no abortions or birth control, remember?).

Maybe that was a bit harsh, but politics has turned into a dick-waving contest in the last 20 years. What ever happened to "for the people, by the people"? Our government is run by people that already have to much money for their own good. Now they want to pound religion into the swollen abscess that is the democratic system in America. Don't take me for an atheist (though I'm not far off) or anything, but there's no place for religion when your job involves making important decisions for over 300 million people. These "representatives" are mostly 50-ish white men with special interests. They by no means represent the diversity of the population. They were chosen by a "vote" that is participated in by people over 40. The largest demographic in the country (18-24) accounts for less than 10% of the actual vote while they represent over 30% of the population. If they all got out and voted for the same person, they could change the course of any given election. So no, even though I voted in 2008, I don't feel truly represented by my elected officials. I believe the old saying "If you don't vote, don't bitch." becomes painfully true here. Unfortunately the younger demographic doesn't pay attention in the first place. They're too busy with figuring out which new gadget they need, which songs they're going to download from iTunes, and whether or not they look trampy enough to go to the bar for the 5th night in a row, instead of trying to make sure that some old farts with PTSD (probably have it because of Vietnam) don't make bad decisions on their behalf.

It takes 10 minutes to vote. It's free to register. What is the problem here?

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  1. Great post. Your knowledge of history is astounding.