Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welfare problems

Some days I'm forced to wonder if people really pay attention or not. I was on my facebook page last night when I ran across an opinion quiz pasted to a friends wall asking the question "Do you think people should be drug tested before getting a welfare check?". For obvious reasons that just set me off.

Drug testing is a wide screen that includes people that eat poppy bagels and shit. The tests are non-discriminating, doesn't matter if the item that gave a positive test was acquired legally, a positive is a positive. People lose jobs that way all over the country. As everyone knows, I don't feel Marijuana deserves the flak that it receives. The problem with testing welfare recipients is that it doesn't take into account the people that spend all their money on booze. Therefore producing a discriminatory practice that I believe is a violation of my rights. Drug testing is only acceptable in occasions that could involve death if you're not dead sober (ie., pilot, heavy equipment operator, etc.). Furthermore, the current layout of the welfare system doesn't allow for people to recieve any kind of cash disbursment except in extreme cases (usually wheelchair bound elderly people). You'll end up homeless and sleeping on the beach with your kids before they even think about giving you money. It's also damn hard to trade food stamps for drugs; everything is on a card these days.

The real problem within the welfare system that desperatly needs to be addressed is the people that bullshit the system to get onto programs they don't otherwise qualify for. Here's an example I personally witnessed: I was in town near the county building waiting for MY appointment so I could get the wife some health insurance to cover her for her pregnancy. I was standing outside the office smoking a butt when I watched this asian woman roll into the parking lot in her nice shiny new BMW X5 (a $40k+ car). She steps out with 3 of her friends and starts walking toward the office. I figured she was an employee.... til she stood outside and took all of her GOLD jewelry off, put it in her purse, handed the purse to her friend and went inside while her friends waited outside. When I say all the jewelry I mean everything including her wedding ring. About an hour later she walks out with an EBT (food stamp) card and they all take off. I'm down at that office trying to get insurance for my pregnant wife when collectively we have a monthly income of $1000 with $750 rent. Can we say FRAUD? The only reason this works is likely because her husband owns a business and falsifies the numbers to make them qualify. It makes you wonder how often shit like that happens. I mean I had to tell these people about the 1 share of AMD (worth $3.74 yesterday) I hold in an account I haven't used since the recession started or I ran the risk of my wife losing her insurance mid pregnancy, and this bitch is driving a new fuckin' BMW! So if you think for a moment that drugs are the problem with the system you're way off the mark. The problem with the system is the fuckin' people in this god forsaken piece of shit country. No one here wants to help the less fortunate, unless it also benefits them somehow. Anyone still wondering why the rest of the world hates the whole lot of us? I'm not. It's time for a revolution people. This shit needs to be fixed. How about we start inspecting the homes of each person that applies for welfare before we give it to them, just to make sure they don't live in a $500k house and drive a $40k car, while walking around town wearing $2k work of gold and looking for a handout? Seems like a better idea than drug testing. to me. That woman could've pawned 1 piece of her jewelry and fed her family for a week or more. Contrary to popular belief, everything is not 15x the mainland price here on Hawai'i, a gallon of milk is only $3.85 and flown in from California. That's all I care to say about this. You'll find a copy of the comment string I left for a couple people toward the bottom of this post.

Response to someone after seeing the opinion poll on facebook titled "Drug test for welfare check?"

Comment 1: lets make an observation here. They don't give out welfare "checks" anymore. Furthermore, the problem I see down here in Hawaii is related to otherwise well-off people BULLSHITTING the system to get shit they're not entitled to in the first place. Drug tests are a wide screening as well as an invasion of privacy. While I don't believe that marijuana users should be treated in the harsh manner they are while alcoholics can drink themselves to death by choice and legally. If you want to screen for drugs you should specify the actual problem substances and realize that regardless of what DARE tells you, no harm has come to anyone by way of the direct consumption of marijuana recreationally. I smoke pot.... daily. I have a job, a family and pretty much everything that you'd expect the average person to have for a "normal" life. I don't drink. So why is my intoxicant of choice vilified exactly? Whoever set this question up on facebook is a bigotted, pea-brained, imbecile with llittle....

Comment 2:
... ability for independent formation of opinions, and likely believes every line of shit the government has ever spoon-fed the public. Consequently, I believe that polarizing questions such as the above mentioned retarded shit has no place on a social networking site. for more on my thoughts please read my blog @

Comment 3: as far as the BS'ing i mentioned earlier. I was in town in the vicinity of the welfare office, and I watched a woman drive up in her MF'ing BMW, take off ALL her GOLD jewelry, put it in her DESIGNER bag, and have the balls to go apply for welfare. It's not the drugs you have to worry about, it's fucking people in general.

Comment 4: for reference you've got to be damn near wheelchair bound to get any "money" from the gov't

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