Sunday, August 23, 2009

Festering pile of shit

I suppose I owe an explanation of my last post. The bill in question is as big an assault on personal freedom as marijuana prohibition, and equally as pointless. If you live in Vermont at voting time, I highly recommend not voting for Sen. Leahy again. The guy is out to get you.

This bill S. 1147 or PACT Act as it's being called will effectively ban all internet, phone, and mail-order sales of tobacco products (except cigars), not just the one's bought from outside sources. It really seems like a fuck in the ass with the price of smokes these days. I just found out that the price of a pack went up $0.60 today and there was just an increase like 4 months ago. Now I understand how everyone feels about smoking and tobacco, but persecution is persecution and it's bullshit. I quit smoking recently by way of a switch to a Swedish product called snus. You can read about the small ton of studies that have been done on it at The fact is that regardless of the "snus"-type product that RJ Reynolds is currently selling on the American market; they still refuse to say what's in the shit. Swedish snus has an ingredients disclosure and must only contain food-grade ingredients, as well as the requirement that it comply with food safety law in Sweden. The only problem here, is that if I (and countless others like me) would like to limit our risk by using Swedish made snus instead, we have to buy it online from a vendor in Sweden because hardly any shops in America carry the stuff. This law would effectively make this impossible.

If by some off chance my local tobacconist started carrying a decent selection of Swedish made snus I would buy it there and deal with the local taxes, until then I believe it's my right as a consenting adult to be able to use the product of my choice, regardless of whether I buy it in a store or from a website.

Someone else wanna tell me why in hell cigars are exempt?

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