Monday, June 29, 2009

Plea to the masses

I don't need to tell people about the unequaled beauty of Maui. I need to bitch at them about not taking an active role in the operation of the country in which they live. Thus leaving the major decisions up to a group of people that are fucking ancient. We're talking about the reefer madness generation for fucks sake. If you don't voice your opinion to these people and vote with YOUR opinion, then they vote however THEY feel. We didn't vote them in to have opinions. They're public SERVANTS, we pay their wages with our taxes, and they still don't listen cuz no one says anything. We vote along party lines like fucking sheep, regardless of how fucked up said candidates views are. Speak up! Take control! If they don't play by the rules vote them out in the next possible election! Our grandparents just listen to the government and the news like Jesus is speaking to them directly or some shit. Is independent thought dead? Is there not one person that can formulate an opinion without having it fed to them by the most corrupt group of people to ever walk this earth? We're talking about a government that has consistently lied to the masses. Need examples?? Here's a few:
-There were never WMD's in Iraq
-The government tested thermonuclear weapons on unsuspecting masses during WW2 where they gave people dosimeters and put them in harms way to find out what the shit did
-Marijuana prohibition was just a way to deport Mexicans after we brought them here to help build the fucking country
-The CIA SOLD CRACK during the 80's, and numerous people died trying to prove it
-Torture was used on detainees recently after many denials from the government, a direct violation of the Geneva Convention (I swear I will kill the first person that says it was justified)

Consequently we end up with a totally submissive population that's primarily concerned with how much money is in their pockets rather than improving the quality of life within the country. We just turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed in the name of "freedom", a word that has totally lost the meaning it had in 1776. Now we stoop to a new low using the tactics of our "enemy": torture, subversion, and deceit. We gave up freedoms to feel more secure, and now we have neither. Ben Franklin once said "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." I think it's fitting to bring this up in recent times with the institution of the Patriot Act that allowed warrant-less wiretapping of civilians. It was passed because someone hid the Amber Alert laws within it. It should have been rejected and the author should've brought the Amber Alert bill back on it's own.

This quagmire of a war we're in currently was the best example of the government bullshitting the entire country. We did exactly what the "terrorists" wanted, started a war. We're TRILLIONS of dollars deeper in debt now, and we still haven't found the fucker. They got what they wanted. I bet this was Osama's line of thought: "We'll crash a couple planes into some shit in America, they'll start a war trying to find me, I'll just go back to Saudi Arabia where they'll hid me for a while, America will spend trillions trying to find me and it will cripple the country." I think it worked. Don't you?


  1. I agree completly. I think if we had more people that thought like yoou we might not be in this predicement. To bad Pres. Clinton got caught ith his pants down. I really liked what he did when he was in office. But the wonderful people in this country thought we NEEDED to have 8 more years of yet ANOTHER BUSH!!!!

  2. Not that I smoke pot anymore but I agree with you on many of these points and rationalize the legalization of marijuana by comparing the prohibitoin of marijuana to the prohibition of alcohol. What makes no sense to me, however, is the fact that marijuana is a completley natural substance where as alcohol isn't. How than can we rationalize the repeal of alcohol prohibition while completely criminalizing the growh and distribution of marijuana?